Cummins RePower Return-to-Work Program

We’re proud to co-sponsor the Engineering-specific iRelaunch program and invite you to learn more about RePower, our return-to-work program. As an experienced professional who has taken a break from the workforce, this is your opportunity to re-engage your skills and re-power your career. 

Our 6 month paid returnship provides you with projects that match your specialist expertise, interests, and abilities. A focus of our program is training, coaching and development, as well as networking events. For successful participants, we are prepared to offer full-time employment.

Qualifications and Requirements:

·       Excellent leadership and communication skills. Strong problem-solving and analytical skills

·       Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, Industrial, Manufacturing Engineering Degree or Engineering related degree

·       5+ years of experience in an engineering role, the engine technology industry, or relevant areas

·       Currently on an Engineering career break of at least 2 years

·       Interest in returning to the workforce full-time

·       Program placements will be based on applicants' skills, experience and interests

Target Timeframe of RePower Return-to-Work Program:

August 15  -  February 15, 2018 

Locations for the RePower Return-to-Work Program: 

·       Columbus, IN

·       Seymour, IN 

·       Twin Cities, MN

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