Powering your future with extraordinary career opportunities.

Cummins apprentices gain the extraordinary opportunity to work beside and learn from the most extraordinary Cummins Technicians in the field, but also gain an education at the same time. You’ll begin your apprenticeship by earning at least 50% of experienced pay while learning on-the-job, while earning an Associate's Degree in Applied Science at the same time.

Beyond our on-the-job training, you’ll receive classroom, online, and hands-on training that will place you on the leading edge of technology. On a daily basis, you’ll work with experienced technicians on a wide variety of engine platforms and equipment. Our extraordinary technology needs extraordinary technicians – and that’s what you will become through our apprentice program.

Cummins offers a variety of apprenticeships which fall under one of these categories:

Service Technician Apprentices

You will learn and assist with service, maintenance, troubleshooting & diagnostics of our engines in support of our customers. This apprenticeship focuses on development of your analytical, personal and technical skills. Each year of the program, you will receive 300 hours of combined on-line and classroom (at your designated, regional college) training.

Engineering Technician Apprentices

You will learn and assist with product testing, component prototyping, and supporting engineering and scientific development of new engine platforms and technology. This apprenticeship focuses on the development of your engineering, personal, and technical skills.