No, this isn't one of those ordinary jobs.

Every day, people depend on us to do extraordinary things in unusual places. Sometimes we're heating a swimming pool in China with generator exhaust. At all times, thinking beyond your desk is more than part of the job. It is the job.

Ever seen a company like Cummins? We didn't think so.

You know, you'll also build communities.

Your first day at Cummins, you'll notice a difference — you're joining a company focused on innovation and helping our neighbors. Whether supporting education in our community or providing scholarships, our goals go beyond our own success. Notice anything different about us?

You’ll find us just about everywhere.

At Cummins, we share your passion for excellence, for the environment and for exploration. That’s why the world’s best and brightest choose careers with us. And why our Board of Directors includes a NASA astronaut/rocket scientist. Discover how we build success, treat people with respect, and listen to new ideas – even those that seem out of this world.

Trust us, you've never worked at a place like Cummins.

Cummins is a unique career environment. This is where ideas like a whisper-quiet, environmentally-friendly generator are dreamed up, built, and celebrated. This is where innovations are born from a commitment to doing what's right for our customers, people, and planet.

Yes, it's different here. And yes, you'll love it.


Working Right.

Innovative technology, reducing impact on our environment, community work, and building success. That's the essence of Cummins...

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