Innovative technology. Advancement opportunity. Global connections.

Jenai, a National Society of Black Engineers member, is excited about the opportunities in front of him.  After finishing engineering school, he wanted to work for a cutting-edge employer developing industry-leading innovation.  He was looking for an opportunity for advancement and making executive connections all around the world. 

And he found it at Cummins.





About the Cummins NSBE Partnership

Cummins and NSBE originally established our growing partnership in 2006. Together we have leveraged the expertise of both organizations to drive positive impacts in recruitment and educating talented engineers, service to the communities and the members of NSBE internally and externally amongst both organizations. Our partnership has seen the success of many collaborative ventures and most recently our commitment to supporting the #BlackSTEMLikeMe Campaign as we look to share the stories of bravery, advancement, happiness, struggles and illuminating hidden figures within both organizations and beyond. We look forward to the commitment of continued success in developing and empowering talented engineers, just like you! 

At Cummins, we’re Working Right by offering personal advice, providing free group workshops and interviewing hundreds of NSBE candidates to join our team. We enjoy seeing old friends at our career fair booth and connecting with the industry’s brightest engineers.  We encourage you to learn more about the events where you can connect with us and meet our team.

NSBE and Cummins

  • Board of Corporate Affiliates (BCA) since 2006
  • Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Lori Thompson, and Director of Electronic Controls, Maurice Dantzler, are our Cummins NSBE Executive Sponsors
  • NSBE Chairman Award Recipient

National Conference Sponsor

  • Actively recruiting qualified engineering candidates
  • Workshops, General Session Speaker, Mentors
  • Executive Panels and Technology Discussion

Regional & Local Support

  • Support of regional, chapter-level initiatives and events
  • Corporate and individual employee chapter involvement
  • Involvement with NSBE Campus Chapters