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Repair Logistics Technical Analyst – Josh Cooper

This article is from the “Cummins: All Access” series, a compilation of unique, reality-based stories featuring Cummins employees.  The series is designed to give a behind-the-scenes perspective of Cummins employees as they develop their careers.

Cummins Repair Logistics Services team is responsible for reducing downtime to end-user customers across North America, of which Josh is a Customer Technical Analyst who brings his “gearhead experience” and Cummins training to the role. They review data pulled from telematics and other sources to capture any issues they may be facing later that day or week.

“Every opportunity to reduce downtime we can capitalize on is a great example of a customer-focused activity. First thing in the morning I run a report on potential failures of units based off of fault code data via telematics. I’ve caught trucks first thing in the morning with problems that would have stopped them later in the day, called out a tech, caught the truck and repaired it before the failure slowed the load down. Our customers love that kind of attention.”

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Josh starts his morning with a phone call to the warranty team. Yesterday afternoon, a customer was dealing with a complex failure mode which hasn’t been solved yet. It’s his first priority to get a resolution.

“A very collaborative aspect of my role concerns my department’s relationship with the warranty group. Sometimes it’s a simple ‘hey can you look at this,’ and sometimes it takes a while to research and determine root cause of a failure.”

Networking is something happens inherently within his role. Josh works with many other departments and is always meeting new people and leaning on them for help – ready when they lean back on him for help.

“Shop contacts are great! I often speak with the same shops concerning our customers. If I help a shop out with a warranty on a repair or expediting parts, they remember that. In the future, they are more likely to help me out by prioritizing a truck repair and minimizing downtime.”

For lunch, he goes to the break room which has a foosball table and TVs. Here he sits with coworkers that he considers friends – as long as they are rooting for the same team! Today, he’s involved in a foosball tournament while eating a sandwich.

After lunch, Josh heads back to his workstation while talking with Repair Logistics Technical Rep about the Cummins Virtual College and the engine familiarization class. Josh reminds her that he’s only been with Cummins a little over 3 years and that was previously the role he played. When it comes to career advancement, his focus continues to be getting honest feedback from co-workers and customers.

“Being career focused means keeping up with my guided career journey. The aspect I particularly enjoy is the stakeholder feedback via quick surveys to people both in the company and outside. Receiving honest feedback from coworkers and customers is a great tool to help build yourself towards your career goals.”

Later in the afternoon, Josh takes a break and talks about a little about a customer experience, but a lot about the team’s last experience at the Angel Tree network. The entire team will have another opportunity later this year to do it again – and Josh looks forward to making an impact on his community.

“Every year we volunteer with the Angel Tree network and help sort presents for low-income kids in the area. We spend half a day in a warehouse sorting presents or ‘shopping’ for kids based on their wish lists. We just show up. The Salvation Army does all the planning and logistics, we just provide the labor. It’s a beautiful thing! “