Leadership commitment. Inclusive work environment. Support networks.

Sameer is excited about the opportunities in front of him.  After finishing graduate school, he wanted to find a company where diversity is a core value and all employees are treated with dignity and respect.  He was looking for an employer with support networks around the world to help each employee enjoy the benefits of inclusion. 

And he found it at Cummins.




At Cummins, diversity is a core company value. Diversity means our individual differences never have to be checked at the door. Cummins leaders have long argued that diversity creates a stronger and more competitive work environment, and ultimately helps us attract and retain top talent.

Our leaders championed the Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s and in the 1980's we stood up against Apartheid in South Africa even though it cost us business. And despite strong opposition, in 2000 Cummins began offering domestic partner benefits.

Simply put, Cummins strives to ensure all individuals are treated with dignity and respect.

As the executive sponsors of Pride - a Cummins affinity group consisting of LGBT employees and their allies - we welcome you to the LGBT Careers page.

The vision of the Pride affinity group is to create a safe, inclusive and productive workplace for LGBT employees. Our mission is to partner with our Company so our LGBT employees and all of Cummins can benefit from the unique talents and perspectives our LGBT employees bring.

We know employees who are free to bring their whole selves to work are more productive and innovative, which benefits the entire enterprise. It also creates a sense of belonging, both at work and in the communities where they live. At Cummins, our LGBT employees can be assured they are working in an environment where it is safe to be themselves.

Cummins and Pride have long been in the forefront to celebrate and promote diversity through various means and a few of the highlights include:
·      We have scored a 100% on the Corporate Equality Index continuously since 2005.
·      We support and attend the Out for Work Career Conference to attract and recruit LGBT talent.
·      We are an active advocate opposing any discriminatory laws in the US locations where we operate.
·      We participate in, and are enthusiastically welcomed at Pride Marches in Indianapolis, Charleston, Nashville and Minneapolis.

In addition to such external outreach, we organize several internal events throughout the year, such as 'LGBT Safe Leader Training', 'Lunch and Learn' sessions, and several community events to celebrate LGBT diversity.

We are thrilled you are considering Cummins as a career destination!
Marya Rose, Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer
Thad Ewald, Vice President, Corporate Strategy