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Cummins' Digital Accelerator functions as our own tech startup, with strategic access to Fortune 150 resources and talents. Steering the innovation of new experiences for customers, Digital Accelerator is boldly transforming Cummins into a modern and agile technology company. Through the conception, build and launch of inspiring digital solutions, the unique hub of vision and creativity leverages open architecture, connectivity, big data, advanced analytics, internet-of-things, edge computing and more, to drive the company forward on its journey towards smart technologies.

The Cummins Advanced Analytics organization uses the latest methods and technologies in statistics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to take on major challenges and opportunities for Cummins and our customers. We help our customers achieve greater equipment uptime and lower cost of operation while optimizing internal company operations like engineering and manufacturing. Our advanced analytics algorithms and models are becoming a core part of Cummins physical and digital products every day. 

Our Digital Accelerator and Advanced Analytics teams are looking for top digital talent with creativity, technological savvy, and strategic mindsets. Are you ready to accelerate your career? Why not live out your passion to create new digital products and be part of the team that will transform the future of Cummins. Whether you're a visionary, software guru, or an expert in commercialization, a role in Cummins Digital Technologies goes beyond your typical IT career. If you want to be part of the next era of digital that will power the world, browse our open roles now. 


Al B.


What does Digital Accelerator mean to you?
Digital Accelerator is an exciting opportunity for me to be a trailblazer, to be an entrepreneur, and acts like a start-up inside Cummins. Digital Accelerator has allowed me to expand my knowledge in the digital space; working with other technology companies has allowed me to learn new critical skills used by startups. Digital is helping Cummins to enhance our products, enhance our customer’s efficiencies or improving our internal processes.

How does your work fit into the puzzle of the Advanced Analytics group?
There are five key elements in the Big Data Analytics world. If your purpose is to find measurable returns from big data, any one of these will be sufficient to begin tasting the value. When blended together, this means will provide an irresistible recipe for big data success.

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What does Digital Accelerator mean to you?
My career at Cummins has enabled me to learn about the data logged from various control devices and how data analysis can help provide insights to support business decisions. The Advanced Analytics team provides a platform to combine data from different sources while providing common business terminology, which helps in decision making, improving business and providing the greatest edge over the competitors. I am excited to be a part of this team.

Himanshu G.

Himanshu G.

What does Advanced Analytics mean to you?
Advanced Analytics has brought me closer to Cummins' core business than any other team I have worked in. Our work directly impacts the company's bottom line by solving complex business problems using advanced analytics, whether it's by improving product quality or creating new opportunities for revenue. The use cases are endless, and it feels great to be able to provide value to our brand promise.