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To us, this is more than a new business segment: it’s our future. And an important part of our power of choice portfolio. It’s the beginning of a story of a startup business within a 100-year-old company. Our Electrified Power segment (EPBU) is not for everyone; it’s a high-growth, fast-paced startup within a Fortune 150 company. Cummins has publicly committed to investing $500 million into electrification innovation over the next three years. We don’t have all of the answers, but we’re ready to make history. 

We need innovators, experts and those ready to learn across the spectrum of technical functions. Positions are available in Columbus, Indiana (US), Talent, Oregon (US), Milton Keynes (UK), and Beijing and Wuhan, China. 



Cummins puts Electrification Progress on Display
Cummins is moving quickly to develop the company’s new electrification business, displaying technologies it’s working on at trade shows this month in Paris and Izmir, Turkey.
Cummins and Johnson Matthey Expand Efforts in Electrification
Cummins Acquires Johnson Matthey’s Automotive Battery Systems Business; Sign Agreement to Collaborate on eLNO High Energy Battery Materials.
Get to Know Brammo, the Company Recently Acquired by Cummins (Pt. 1)
Cummins recently announced their acquisition of Brammo, Inc., which designs and develops battery packs for mobile and stationary applications. Adding Brammo’s battery pack expertise and resources is an important milestone in Cummins’ efforts to become a global electrified power leader.
Get to Know Brammo, the Company Recently Acquired by Cummins (Pt. 2)
Brammo was founded in a garage as a motorsports and performance vehicle company in 2002. The company’s original goal was to build a high performance car, which would comfortably accommodate a 6-foot-8-inch tall person weighing 300 pounds. The company has gone on to power a range of other products, including electric motorcycles, forklifts and even a helicopter. Read More
GILLIG and Cummins Celebrate Electrified Power Partnership
GILLIG LLC and Cummins announced a new electrified power partnership at the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) show in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). The technical collaboration work focuses on integrating and optimizing new battery electric technology offered by Cummins that will soon power GILLIG zero-emissions transit buses. GILLIG is the leading manufacturer of heavy-duty transit buses in the United States.
Cummins Electrification Leader Says Broad Power Portfolio is Best for Customers
The leader of Cummins’ Electrified Power business said this week customers are best served by a company offering a broad portfolio of products so they can choose the power solution that works best for them.
AEOS Electrified Truck Reveal
Five Things About Electrification You'll Only Hear from Cummins
Cummins offers a broad portfolio of products to help customers find the right solution to their power needs. You're going to hear a lot about electrification and trucks in coming days.
Take a Ride with AEOS, our Fully Electrified Powertrain