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·       Must pass Mechanical Aptitude testing and be ‘Math 137 Ready’

·       8,000 paid hours of on-the-job training (OJT)

·       8 semesters of college-level courses

·       Multiple training rotations within our Technical Center

·       Upon completion, you receive a U.S. Department of Labor card in one of the technical trades located below.

·       Upon completion, you will also continue learning new technology and begin to explore your career paths within Cummins.


Beyond a stable job in one of our Technical Centers, your career path includes advancement opportunities such as: 

·       Electrical Technician

·       Electronics Engineering Technician

·       Experimental Machining Technician

·       Facilities Engineering Drafting Technician

·       Facilities Maintenance Technician

·       Instrumentation Technician

·       Materials Engineering Technician

·       Mechanical Engineering Technician

·       Mechanical Engineering Drafting Technician

·       Software Engineering Technician

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