Whether you define, design, prototype, standardize, validate, integrate, test and/or refine our world-class products, collaboration will become one of your greatest strengths. You can start in a specific role and gain an understanding, technical knowledge and experience of associated roles where you can actually make a difference for our customers.

You will work with a wide variety of products, ranging from single component updates to entire engine sub-systems. You can utilize your knowledge of specs and standards to interpret and resolve problems, as well as ensure the right power and fuel efficiency to match our customers’ needs.

You could also work with teams to meet and exceed regulatory compliance, as well as deliver solutions that provide competitive advantages. In all aspects of engineering at Cummins, you’ll be involved in testing performance of our engines, fuel, air-handling, lubrication, and after-treatment systems. You’ll also learn, participate in, and lead process improvement efforts (Six Sigma).

To learn more about our Cummins Engineering roles see the position profiles below and read our innovative employee day-in-the-life engineering stories!


You’ll support all Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)-specific engineering activities and ensure that the program meets quality, cost and delivery targets.

·        Apply basic knowledge of engineering principles and practices to assigned tasks

·        Assist in developing technical specifications, implementing designs and delivering high performance, low-cost equipment or system results integrated with customers’ products

·        Interface with sales, manufacturing and marketing teams to design and deliver solutions


You’ll test and analyse engines and components for stress, strain, fatigue, noise and vibration.

·        Apply standard practices and techniques in specific situations, analyse and correlate data, recognize discrepancies in results and follow established procedures and operations to derive a solution or conclusion

·        Vibration / dynamic analysis, strain data, strain gauge, fatigue testing, CFD (computational fluid dynamics), NVH (noise vibration harshness), ANSYS and lots of hands-on experience

ELECTRONICS ENGINEER - click here to check out Valentine's story and Owen's story 

You’ll develop the electronic hardware, software and support tools for Cummins products.

·        A typical role includes all electronic elements within the system, hardware, software, controls and diagnostics design

·        Apply knowledge of engineering principles and practices in many areas of electronics such as: specification development, systems and components design, software implementation and verification

·        Troubleshooting, servicing and maintaining of controls, hardware or software issues


You’ll make engineering more effective by providing global information technologies and services.

·        Require analysis of business and user needs, documentation of requirements and translation into proper system requirement specifications

·        Work closely with IT support organizations to ensure application technical quality, reliability, maintainability, performance and cost effectiveness

·        Work with business owners to develop and implement transition plans to common software and / or new versions


You’ll ensure that our testing lab operates and meets targets in a safe and efficient manner, and that equipment is available and capable.

·        Apply basic knowledge of engineering principles and practices to assigned tasks

·        Assist in specification, design and maintenance of test environment and instrumentation to support product development and evaluation requirements

·        Assist in developing laboratory-controlled test processes to evaluate product performance

·        Conduct experiments, analyse data and document results

·        Work collaboratively with other engineering disciplines to meet new requirements


You’ll identify, develop and support common materials engineering which enable and leverage Analysis Led Design.

·        Conduct mechanical property and chemical composition tests and data

·        Apply selection of materials for engineering and manufacturing processes to attain design objectives

·        Work with global, multi-disciplinary teams to develop solutions to material and manufacturing needs


You’ll use Pro-Engineer as a tool in the layout, modelling and analysis of generators, engines, engine sub-systems, engine components and assemblies.

·        Apply basic knowledge of engineering principles and practices to assigned tasks in the design, analysis and release of products and subsystems through the product life cycle

·        Assist in creating design specifications considering application, cost, weight, performance, product life, manufacture, assembly and service

·        Verify design using analysis and / or functional analysis, interpret results, drive decisions and assess risk


You’ll work with regulatory agencies to influence future regulations, certify current emissions and communicate internally.

·        Apply basic knowledge of engineering principles and practices to assigned tasks by interpreting, communicating and ensuring all environmental regulations and standards are adhered to as they impact company products

·        Determine product and component environmental worthiness and adherence through coordinated testing and evaluation

PRODUCT RELIABILITY - click here to check out Lina's story

You’ll focus on enabling new and current product teams to meet customer reliability requirements.

·        Focus on elimination of previous failures, detection of current failures and prevention of new failures

·        Utilize models, calculations and statistics to determine reason for failure emerging issues

·        Apply basic knowledge of statistical tools and warranty databases to analyse existing components or system reliability, provide interpretation of the results and report to the customer

PRODUCT VALIDATION - click here to check out Jenai's story and Ben's story 

You’ll anticipate tests necessary to validate new product lines for future years.

·        Apply basic knowledge of engineering principles and practices to assigned tasks in the development, analysis and release of products and subsystems through the product life cycle

·        Verify design using analysis and / or functional testing, interpret results and drive decisions

SERVICE ENGINEERING - click here to check out Quadry's story

You’ll act as the technical liaison between the global Cummins Service channel and the Engineering,

Quality, and Manufacturing organizations to identify, define, and prioritize product issues and to implement long term solutions.

·        Identify and investigate issues and failure trends both in the office and in the field. Define issues including customer impact, cost and failure analysis

·        Effectively communication with distributors, OEM’s, dealers, and end users and the technical groups within Cummins

·        Support development teams and problem solving teams via the installation of field test engines or components

·        Solve issues for production and product already in the field

THERMAL AND FLUID SCIENCES - click here to check out Emeka's story , A.J.'s story and Fabian's story 

You’ll analyse our products in test cells or test rigs in the field, as well as model performance aspects of the engine, fuel system, filtration or aftertreatment systems.

·        Apply basic knowledge of engineering principles and practices to assigned tasks in one of the following areas: combustion, performance, emissions, cool, lube, fuel systems, air handling, system integration, aftertreatment integration, cycle simulation, vehicle system simulation, combustion system simulation, flow simulation, filtration or aftertreatment simulation



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