Supporting Diversity at Cummins 

More than 100 Local Diversity Councils and Affinity Groups help create the right environment for success at Cummins by promoting diversity and inclusion and lending their unique perspectives to identify opportunities that can enhance our business success.

Our Affinity Groups such as Women's Affinity Group (WAG) and Launch in Cummins (LinC) are open to all employees and are organized around single dimensions of diversity, such as race, ethnicity, country of birth, gender, sexual orientation, as well as broader themes, such as people with disabilities, veterans and employees with less than five years of service. The groups focus on recruiting other talented individuals into Cummins as well as retaining our current pool of talented employees. The groups also focus on providing important cultural and business environment information to ensure Cummins’ success.

Local Diversity Councils are formed to foster the right environment for all employees within a specific business, region or location. These councils work to improve and leverage diversity and inclusion as a core component of the business strategy.

Women’s Affinity Group in India

An employee-driven community, WAG stays committed to the recruitment, retention and career development of women at Cummins. WAG in India is sponsored by the Managing Director, Cummins Group in India and is driven by a Diversity Steering Committee (consisting of members from the Strategic Leadership Team and Operating Leadership Team) with a mission to -

• Provide an inclusive environment for diverse work teams to come together cohesively in order to achieve business objectives
• Ensure a safe and equal workplace for women thus fostering higher attraction, retention and growth in Cummins India

Aligned to this mission, WAG focusses on three themes, namely, Health and Wellness, Safety and Development. Some of the initiatives managed by WAG in India are – 

1. Career Development sessions 
Sessions that equip employees with various introspective and self-development tools (e.g. GAPS) that help in career conversations.

2. Health and Wellness sessions
Extensive programs for weight-loss and reducing anaemia are undertaken. Sessions by Company Doctors are facilitated on various topics of relevance that may be otherwise difficult for women to discuss openly. 

3. WAG Offsite
Held twice a year, this session serves as a perfect platform to interact with the Diversity Steering Committee and discuss proposed plans and the many ensuing challenges which need to be addressed.  

4. Focus group sessions 
Interactions with Steering Committee members and visiting leaders are organized to gather voices from the employees on a regular basis. 

5. Installation of Safety apps, awareness sessions on self-defense, driving safety etc.

6. Participation in Global Diversity Round-table forums

The day-care facility or crèche is also managed under the aegis of WAG. Employees can avail these services at a nominal cost. These day-care services are managed by external specialists who are under the purview of the WAG team. 

In keeping with Cummins’ philosophy of Diversity, Cummins India has been working consciously towards increasing representation of women in its overall employee strength and has catapulted the percentage of women employees in the professional category across its product businesses from a mere 4% in 2004 to around 30% in 2014. Cummins aims to further grow this number in the coming years. Participation of women in leadership roles has also increased significantly. The Company now has women holding leadership positions that are critical to its present and future growth. With all these goals in the near horizon, WAG to a large extent will help in further facilitating retention and development of women in the organization, while ensuring the others are sensitive and inclusive to their needs. 

Launch in Cummins

LinC is an engagement initiative designed for the lateral hire employees who have been with Cummins for two years or less. This initiative aims to familiarize employees to the many businesses, culture and people through different interactive programs. Launched in 2011, LinC instills among the employees a sense of integration and belonging to Cummins, thereby enabling them to easily adapt to their workplace and also enhance their various professional roles.