An aligned balance of total rewards.

Cummins is committed to promoting the wellbeing of its employees and their families through various health, well-being and benefit programs that are both market competitive and offer a significant value proposition to the employees. All Cummins India employees enjoy access to benefit programs that are customized to suit individual needs, some of which include:

1. Insurance Cover:
• Group Family Floater Cover for employees and up to 5 family members 
• Group Personal Accident Insurance 
• Group term Life Insurance  

2. Retirement Benefits:
• Statutory: Provident Fund and Gratuity
• Supplemental Superannuation Program  

3. Relocation Benefits that include Relocation Travel, Temporary Accommodation and much more

4. Well-being Programs that touch upon the four key areas of Health i.e.: Physical Health, Workplace Health, Emotional Health and Financial Health, some of which include:
• Employee Assistance Program
• Disease Management Programs
• Individual and family health check-up Program