Talent Management Specialist - Liang Ji


This article is from the “Cummins: All Access” series, a compilation of unique, reality-based stories featuring Cummins employees. The series is designed to give a behind-the-scenes perspective of Cummins employees as they develop their careers.

At the Michigan State University career fair, Liang Ji knew Cummins offered a unique combination of international experience, global exposure and diverse perspective he couldn’t turn down.  When the Company extended an internship job offer in the Human Resources department, he learned first-hand how international employees can make a difference.  He joined Cummins full time after receiving his Masters of Human Resources and Labour Relations. Today, he is a full-time Global Talent Management Specialist.
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Liang’s team works daily with many levels of global growth strategy decisions. His current focus is reviewing the performance of employees with over 10 years of experience and how they are prepared for promotion as the Company grows in sales. It’s important to Liang since the best employees continuously want to be challenged inside their role.
“My advantage is that I know the company has put a lot of effort into designing career paths. We want employees to have a clear understanding of what it is like to develop their careers and make an impact. That’s the culture at Cummins: we want to keep employees engaged and developed. It’s really important to connect their development to what is happening with our business as we grow.”
Liang starts his day on a global strategy conference call for leadership development. His first call is a training session with China, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa leadership teams. Liang and his team are looking for employees who are ready for the next phase of career development for promotion. Liang enjoys collaborating with senior global leaders. 
“It is great because the senior leaders are listening and collaborating with our team; it’s a normal everyday learning experience here. You get the chance to meet with Company leaders and learn from them, and they get to learn from you. It’s great to collaborate.”
Next, Liang moves onto a meeting for a Six Sigma project involving expatriate assignments in the Power Generation business unit. He appreciates that every employee has the opportunity to make an impact in some way and have their voice heard. He collaborates with the team during the meeting and contributes his ideas to the project as a whole.
“It’s important for us to think deeply about expatriate employees because it requires moving families and groups of people around the world.  They’ve made a commitment to work in a foreign country to where they were born, so we make sure to take care of them and their loved ones as they transition to a new role.”
Liang helps with identifying employees who are interested in international assignments and providing feedback on how to prepare each individual for a global role. The goal is to have a make the connection between employees searching for international roles and international managers seeking a specific skill set for their needs. 
“Cummins wants employees to build their global skill set because we’re a global Company. The reality is that international assignments are difficult. The opportunity can accelerate your career if it is the right assignment and you are prepared for it. We want to provide feedback to employees so they understand the assignment.”
Next, the team has a quarterly employee birthday lunch at a Japanese restaurant. It’s an opportunity to celebrate together outside of the office. The team takes this time to get to know two new employees better.
In the early afternoon, Liang’s supervisor encourages him to take time for his own professional development. Through the Cummins Learning Centre and online learning tools that Cummins provides employees, Liang can access updates, data and white papers relevant to his role. Today, he joins an online webinar for helping new managers with training, coaching and mentoring.
“Cummins keeps us on the front line of our own career development. I keep learning new skills that have a positive impact on Cummins. There are many training series we can take, so I keep myself fresh and prepare for my next role every day.”

Finally just before he leaves for the day, Liang attends a Cummins Chinese Affinity Group (CCAG) meeting across the Cummins corporate campus.  Cummins has a diverse culture and encourages all employees to get to know all backgrounds. Liang’s affinity group is hosting a leadership speaker series next week for the group members.  

“It’s a great way to stay connected to my heritage.  Sometimes we volunteer as a team to help the community and that creates a bond inside the group.  We’re engaged in corporate responsibility, which very important to society and my values. It makes you proud to work at Cummins. I’m an international employee who is looking to get more involved and find community, so volunteering is a unique way for me to give back.”