Global Employer Branding Marketing Communication Specialist - Whitney Wilber

This article is from the “Cummins: All Access” series, a compilation of unique, reality-based stories featuring Cummins employees. The series is designed to give a behind-the-scenes perspective of Cummins employees as they develop their careers.

The Cummins Employment Branding Team is charged with helping audiences better understand the vision and values of the company, and what the employment experience is like at Cummins.  Where product marketing focuses on telling the story of value, specs and pricing, the Employment Branding Team helps connect with applicants who are interested in working at Cummins.  Employees like Whitney Wilber, Global Employment Branding Marketing Communications Specialist, help create brand stories about the employees of Cummins, what their careers are like and why external candidates would apply for open career opportunities.

Whitney, a Public Relations and Marketing graduate from Indiana State University, is charged with leading those global efforts.  It’s a position she enjoys working in, after quickly being promoted from the Cummins Emission Solutions product marketing team.  She learned a great amount from her original role with Cummins and is using her expertise to launch global employer brand efforts around the world.

“My previous marketing communications role supported the off-highway business segment for our aftertreatment and engineered components business.  I gained visibility to many different business projects beyond communications.  My new job is important to me because I believe in the Cummins product and feel equally as passionate about Cummins as an employer.”


And now for your All Access Pass:

Whitney begins her day early connecting with global recruiting leaders in Australia and Africa.  Her role is a fast-paced opportunity to gain perspectives about marketing in growing regions, such as Africa, Brazil and Asia.  She’s particularly focused this morning on a global campaign launch and rolling out campus social media initiatives.

“We’re really excited about our new South Africa campus launch, and we’ve been collaborating with the regional team on diverse brand stories to use.  It’s important to give new graduates a glimpse into what it would be like to start their career at a company like Cummins, especially in a city like Johannesburg where the culture is important to young professionals.”

Whitney enjoys some quiet time inside a collaborative workspace focus booth to review the campaign planner, creative brief, project timeline and new materials from her content development team.  She keeps a close eye on stories being communicated to ensure the details resonate with the audience.

“This is the first campaign of its kind, so identifying the right stories and imagery is very important to building our brand.  It’s a passion for us since graduates may not fully understand yet what they are looking for in their first career employer.  It’s also challenging for our team because it speaks to the South African culture and we need to grow brand awareness there.”

After reviewing the Africa campaign details, Whitney has a strategy meeting to receive Talent Management team updates about other confidential projects.  By the end of the session, Whitney has multiple concepts to discuss with her advertising agency and brand manager to make sure it’s the right mix of brand awareness and recruiting support.

Next, Whitney has a late morning design conference call with her creative agency.  The discussion focuses on including new ideas to creative currently in development.

“The creative process is always in the back of my mind.  We collaborate about when to push the envelope with new messages or images, and how it affects the audience.  We want the best talent available, so it’s important to think about information they want to know about careers at Cummins.”

Whitney walks with co-workers to grab a quick lunch in the downtown area so she can leave a bit early.  She visits a locally-owned soup restaurant that’s offers healthy lunch options.

After lunch, Whitney has a creative review session with Cummins visual communications team.  They discuss print production deadlines, get final creative approvals from the brand manager and make sure everyone is on track with new creative projects in development.

“Today we discussed many projects ready for approval, including digital adverts, new campaign initiatives, physical print and marketing collateral.  From a career development perspective, this team is helping me learn more about how mobile and digital usage is applied to multiple formats, and which medium is most effective in each region.”

Next is a one-on-one with her supervisor, the global brand manager.  They talk about challenges he can help with and his insights toward the new campaigns being developed.

“It’s reassuring to me because our one-on-one’s are quality coaching time with someone who has been with the company over ten years.  Having a good manager is really important—there’s a variety of teaching moments, but I also feel appreciation when he shows I’m on the right path.”

Late in the afternoon, Whitney attends a meeting for our LGBT affinity group.  The team is thinking about new metrics to show the success of recent campaign to share our stories and career opportunities at a PRIDE event.

“I’m trying to understand their goals and needs so I can help develop strategies to connect better with the LGBT audience.  Cummins values diverse perspectives and backgrounds, so we’re always thinking about candidate attraction.  It’s a much deeper consideration set because perceptions and inclusion are important to me since it feels like a family here.”

At the end of her day, Whitney leaves to pick up her daughter at the Cummins Child Development Centre.  She feels proud to work for Cummins and has security in knowing the same high standards are being applied in my daughter’s school.

“I’m a working Mom of an 18-month old.  I have peace of mind knowing that she’s well taken care of with the proper toddler’s curriculum.  At Cummins, I can be a successful professional and a good Mom with my daughter in an accredited day care.  The company is taking care of my family in more ways than one.”