At Cummins, we’re interested in helping you understand everything our Company can offer your career.  Below are recruiter responses from our team to help you prepare in advance for your interview:


What type of research should I do for my interview?

“Make sure you research our Company – know what Cummins product lines are, different industries our business units engage in and how we support our customers.  It shows us why you want to be here.”

“Bring prepared questions to show us your interest in our organization.  Even if you’ve done your homework, it helps us see the personality of the candidate.  Will you be shy or bubbly?  That makes a difference in how you do your job in the future – and how might you fit inside our team culture.”

“We review how candidates have prepared over time for what their intended career path is.  Then we consider if they see the future leader inside of them.  Or would they prefer to be an individual technical leader or contributor and not a team leader?  You can be either role, but tell us how you see yourself.”

“We often ask the question “what are your career goals?” because Cummins is a hire-to-develop company.  We want to consider how training might make a long term difference in what you can do.”


Should I bring samples or examples of my previous work?

“Live interviews sometimes go better if we see samples what the candidate can do.  Different majors or employment backgrounds have unique experiences.  We have many areas to consider – for example, someone who is an Electronics major might succeed in our power generation or combustion positions.”

“I’m reviewing the resume and often looking for specific keywords or capabilities to discuss.  If the candidate can speak to these items, it might connect to their strengths to the position that may not jump off their resume.  These discussions often lead to good conversation about their skill set.”


What information on the job posting is most important for me to review?

“Have you thought about what it takes to be an expert in your field?  That’s important here, because we have high potential employees leading our most important customer programs.  Demonstrate you understand your field, which often shows us the maturity level of the candidate.”

“I look for why the candidate wants to specifically work for Cummins.  That’s very important because we’re looking for passionate people who are interested in our business.  It makes a difference in our selection process.”


What kinds of questions should I ask of the interviewer?

“If the candidate has good functional knowledge of Cummins, they often succeed in our process.  Be able to articulate why the area you’re applying for interests you.  If there is something you don’t understand based on your research, asking clarification questions help us see you are interested.”

“Simple questions like “what is the culture like?” and “what is the most difficult thing about working at Cummins?” shows you are seriously considering our opportunity.  If you’re really interested, then ask “what are the next steps in the process?”  We want to interview candidates who want to make a difference for Cummins.”

“Be energetic when you’re with us, because we’re excited to work here!  Each of us talk to thousands of applicants each year.  We like people who ask questions and demonstrate the energy they bring to their career.”