At Cummins, we’re often interested in connecting candidates to our hiring managers for a face-to-face interviews.  Below are recruiter responses from our team to help you with interview etiquette:

How can I make a lasting impression at a career fair?

“Some candidates show up in the front row of our Company presentations just because they want the opportunity that bad.  That type of effort stands out to us.  We know who wants the job.  Your attitude relates to how hard you will work down the line.”

“Bubbly personalities often come across as warm and personable.  That’s the type of genuine interest we’re looking for – show us why we’re who you’re looking for.  We have many applicants that are passionate about the Company.  Always put your best face forward and be positive.  Your handshake is also important, but it doesn’t have to be so firm that it hurts.  That’s never a good thing.”


Should I ask about compensation during my interview?

“In an organization like Cummins, we’re interested if you can understand the total rewards of our Company.  That includes work life balance, career development and lots of on-the-job training.  Many strategic training initiatives are paid for by the Company that is outside of your compensation.”

“If the recruiter brings up compensation, it is appropriate to discuss.  If they do not, wait and see where the interview goes.  Compensation includes tuition reimbursement, Six Sigma training, investment benefits and lots of other options that go beyond money.  You’ll also get professional reviews twice a year that have an impact on your compensation as you’re promoted over time.”

“Our entry level job offer salaries are fixed based on your college degree.  Make sure you understand the Company’s career mobility options that can also grow your compensation.  If you do a good job here and are willing to relocate, growing your salary can happen quicker than you may think.”