At Cummins, we’re interested in helping you succeed during talent scout interviews for your specific functional skill set.  Below are recruiter responses from our team to help you prepare in advance for your functional interview:


Why are functional interviews an important part of our process?

“We go through this step because it helps candidates focus on the needs of opportunity they’re interviewing for.  It gives us confidence that you’re serious about this position.  As a recruiter, I’m interested in the commitment you are ready to make to Cummins right now.  It’s important for our Company to understand the impact you can make today.”

“We’re interested in candidates who are willing to learn, can succeed at what they know and are interested in becoming a longer term contributor over time.  I specifically look for enthusiasm for the position we’re discussing and type of work we do here.”


How does the functional interview help us see your development potential?

“It’s the curiosity of our work we do here at Cummins that makes someone a good fit in my opinion.  That’s encouraging to me – do you see this is something you can be excited about?  Those are the type of employees that are fully engaged in the problems we solve.  They’re invested for our customers and our business.  This type of candidate is a better fit for how we’re analyzing the future needs of our business.”

“We are interested in understanding your goals and how you can contribute.  Our training and development is focused on building capable employees, so explain to us why this specific role is important to the current stage of your career path and how it will fit inside your career plan.”

“One unique thing about Cummins, which may be hard to understand before you work here, is we have many types of careers inside the Company.  You might think your development path is going one way when, instead, it may change once you investigate different elements of our business model.  This is not one of those ordinary jobs and we have many unique, global opportunities here.”


What do we look for inside your functional experiences and background?

“I believe it’s the application of your solutions that’s really important.  It helps us understand you can see the problem and would be able to create solutions inside of our business.  It’s difficult for you to realize the full job description we’re interviewing you for, so show us you saw the context of the solution created and how you impacted the project through your capabilities.”

“Candidate experiences have a lot to do with how successful you might be at Cummins.  We want you to communicate the work you’ve done in a credible way: why you did the project and how it’s important to what you were working on overall.  Show us you have a firm grasp of the subject we’re talking about.  Make sure you demonstrate why your solution fits inside the scope of the larger problem you solved.”

“Be clear and honest about what you’re talking about.  If you don’t understand something, made up answers don’t work in our process.  You’ll lose credibility, which doesn’t make the interviewer want to recommend you for hire.  Concisely demonstrate the true successes from your background.”