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Cummins has been present in Mexico since the spring of 1963 when Cummins Engine Company established a company to manufacture Cummins Small Vee with Mexican company Pemex Diesel Nacional (DINA), located in the City Mexico. In 1968 Cummins began to manufacture a new line of engines and in 1980 formed a joint venture with DINA, transferring its operations to the city of San Luis Potosi, in order to establish a production plant.
Cummins Engines
In early 1984 the warehouse was completed in February and the assembly and engine testing began at the rate of two per day, reaching the end of that year to produce 25 engines per shift. The engines are then produced exclusively for the Mexican market. In 1985 a line of machining cylinder heads Indiana plant was transferred, which marked the beginning of machined components. Subsequently, in 1987, after an agreement Dina, Cummins Engines Cummins born then privatized San Luis Potosi. Currently Cummins Engine manufactures engine crankshafts and heads for engines, of which over 95% are for export; Rods, EGR valves, camshafts and ReCon engines.

Cummins Fuel Systems Juarez
Cummins Fuel Systems Juarez was born in 1985 in Ciudad Juarez. This plant produces and remanufacturing unit injectors and common rail systems and electronic modules.
XPI Plant is located in Juarez Juarez plant Fuel System. This is one of the three floors of the joint venture between Cummins and Scania for manufacturing XPI fuel system. The plant began production in late 2006 with the launch of XPI fuel system in the engine deck ISC / L US EPA07.
Cummins Filtration
In 1979 Fleetguard opened a distribution center through a joint venture in Mexico City and later, in 1985, began production of filters. In 1997 Fleetguard moved to Engine Plant in San Luis Potosi, Cummins Filtration born then. After ten years, in 2007, Filtration moved to a new site located in the Three Nations Park, San Luis Potosi. In 2010, Filtration significantly expanded its construction and assembly lines. Cummins Filtration provides filter systems Exhaust filters, fuel, industrial hydraulic filtration, silencers and industrial gas turbine applications for use in power generation.


 Cummins Generator Technologies
plant Cummins Generator Technologies was established in San Luis Potosi in 2001, Tri Nations Industrial Park. Cummins Generator produces YD, AC and UC models in the range of 5.4 kW to 725 kW and generators AC 2,150 kVA.


Parts Distribution Center
In 1998, Cummins established a Parts Distribution Center in San Luis Potosi, in order to improve the delivery of parts and service support in Mexico. At the beginning it was located on the same site that the engine plant and started operations in 1999. However in 2010, Cummins started a large project for integrating Parts Distribution Centers and thus, in October 2011, Distribution Center changed its location to a new site at the Millennium Industrial Park in San Luis Potosi.

Central Distribuidora Cummins
Cummins Distributor born in 2012 Central America as a result of a joint venture between Grupo Laeisz and Cummins Inc. Cummins Central Distribuidora operates directly in the Central American market, providing solutions in power generation, compressed air, marine engine marketing, irrigation engines , midrange engines, heavy, components, filters and lubricants. . It also offers an extensive stock of parts, advice and workshops certified highly qualified service and to offer preventive and corrective maintenance, as well as diagnostic and audit coverage spans from Central Cummins Distributor: 


  • Honduras: with 7 outlets located in major cities nationwide and two service workshops.
  • Costa Rica: a branch office and workshop services.
  • El Salvador: 2 branches in San Salvador and Lourdes and workshop services. 
  • Nicaragua: Sub Distribution.
  • Panama: a branch office, warehouse and workshop services. 

Cummins ABO Mexico and Central America
In 2011, the ABO Mexico and Central America was formed, aiming to capitalize on synergies and capabilities of Cummins plants in the region in order to maximize the opportunities of the regional market through a strategy of Integrated work. Growing a small presence in the Mexican market to be a leading producer of diesel engines, filters and related products, today ABO Cummins Mexico and Central America is an important part of the Cummins family. With over 50 years of history in the region, we have a strategic presence that includes 

  • Annual sales of more than $ 700 million in Mexico,
  • More than 6,000 direct and indirect employees, meeting the needs of our customers with world-class manufacturing and providing excellent service.
  • The best distribution network consists of six distributors in the region.