Recruiting Coordination Team Leader - Genevieve Curry


This article is from the “Cummins: All Access” series, a compilation of unique, reality-based stories featuring Cummins employees. The series is designed to give a behind-the-scenes perspective of Cummins employees as they develop their careers.

The hiring process at Cummins is a vital component to the overall global success of the company. It requires focused, talented and flexible professionals to provide an exceptional experience to candidates and business partners alike—from the first interview through accepting an offer. Cummins knew it found the right professional to bring innovation to the recruiting logistics team with Genevieve Curry.

Today, we’re behind the scenes with our Global Recruiting Group and their Coordination team.  Prior to joining Cummins as Recruiting Coordination Team Leader, Genevieve served 12 years for the United States Marine Corps, where she learned to be flexible, respond quickly and streamline processes. Genevieve puts those fine-tuned skills to work every day at Cummins to ensure a great hiring experience and smooth onboarding for new hires.

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She starts her day in a meeting with a Cummins business leader who recently interviewed candidates and extended an offer through her team. They look at ways to improve partnering - to increase success of the hiring process.

“My team makes sure we are partnering with our business stakeholders, so that they feel included in our process. A great candidate experience is the ultimate goal. We work together to develop strategies to understand how changes to our process may impact each of our teams. We identify an issue, find a resolution that works for everyone and educate stakeholders by communicating process changes and updating flow charts of the candidate experience to help form the bigger picture. It’s about identifying everyone involved in our hiring the process and visibly seeing what they do. ”

Next, she is off to a meeting with one of the team members she supervises to improve policy learning about the hiring process. The team will study travel policies and connect with the Cummins Immigration Team to get questions answered. Genevieve coaches the team on best practices for interacting with candidates and business partners with a strong focus on the collaborative culture of Cummins. She seeks ways to introduce diverse groups, like Veterans, who bring new ideas to the table to support Cummins’ commitment to diversity and collaboration in the workplace.

“We take self-assessments, focus on our team strengths, and address areas of improvement through coaching. I also partner with other leaders to identify an individual’s dynamics and utilize that feedback to draw out the best from our team members.”

In the afternoon, Genevieve connects with a candidate to make sure his visit to Cummins is running smoothly. Her recruiting logistics team is the face of Cummins, and she wants candidates to know they are important to the future success of the company.

Whether she is preparing for a college campus event or focusing on the Executive Speaker Series for interns, Genevieve remains flexible. Cummins operates in a collaborative workspace where team members can work in different areas each day, encouraging face-to-face conversations. The open environment helps facilitate productive and adaptive communication that includes body language. With that collaborative mindset, Genevieve recently put a process in place for her team to provide the same exceptional hiring experience to each candidate. Cummins business units in other countries are adapting this innovative process and helping each team member make a global impact.

“In the military, I learned to be flexible, open to growth, and adapt quickly to change. That has helped me in my career today, because Cummins provides that same type of diversity in your career path. You can be hired in for one position and wind up in a totally different role and department. Cummins is willing to open opportunities for me. “

At the end of day, Genevieve refocuses on loose ends for that day and prepares for tomorrow. If her entire to-do list did not get checked off, she will focus on it tomorrow. Cummins has taught her to be flexible in your work plan and prioritize in order to get the most accomplished with a busy workload, while maintaining a work-life balance.

“Cummins is an innovative Company because good isn’t good enough here. We want people to know the HR group is just as proud of our product as manufacturing employees. HR is just an important as the engine is to the buyer. We don’t stop at good. We’re bringing in talent with new ideas and we want to get to the next level with them. I know I have made an impact when I see a name I recognize as an intern who becomes a success in the company. I know we helped bring them in and it gives me a sense of pride that I touched that process. We’re hiring the future of the company.”