At Cummins, we often review your online social profile to learn more about your skill set.  Below are recruiter responses from our team to help you consider how we might use your social content:


Does Cummins use online social profiles as part of the recruiting process?

“Cover letters are something of the past when you applied by mail.  Today, applicants go online to submit applications and LinkedIn becomes the digital cover letter.  Many candidates connect their LinkedIn profile to our talent community so we always have their qualifications at our fingertips.  Sometimes we review your background in advance if we know new jobs will become available.”

“Make sure to attach your resume when you create an online social profile.  When we do a keyword search, it helps us find you in the search results.  Another idea to remember is keep your social profile private if it isn’t your professional version.  Your social pictures can follow you forever – and some online technology isn’t as private as candidates believe.”


What types of content should I add to my online social profile?

“Professional networking content may or may not help your profile with recruiters.  We have different feelings about it.  It could be a good idea to add presentations about your skills and reference projects you’ve completed.  However, if that takes time away from adding the descriptions of what projects you’ve worked on, then it becomes more difficult for us to understand your skill set.”

“I encourage candidates to move sections of their social profile around based on the stage of career.  For example, if you’re a recent college graduate then move your educational experience to the top of your profile.  If you’re an executive, your pertinent work experience should be closer to the top.”

“LinkedIn is the opportunity to put short resume descriptions into a paragraph form. You can describe gaps in your background, highlight your skills and make a nice summary of what we want to see.”


How should I respond when a recruiter reaches out to my online social profile?

“If we reach out to you through social, getting a response back within 2-3 days of first contact is often ideal for us.  If I’m reaching out to you through LinkedIn, please contact me via LinkedIn.  If we ask you to text us as a follow up, then text us.  Every recruiter has a preferred method of communication.”

“Everyone’s organization is different.  Social email helps me stay organized via urgent sourcing projects when candidates can’t talk during their day due to a confidential job search.  Email through LinkedIn can be a better alternative for everyone during the process.”

“It’s difficult to have one phone number to call here since we work at different desks inside our collaborative work space each day.  If we connect with you through your online profile, make sure to keep your communication style consistent with ours.”