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You'll find us just about everywhere.

We are present in several countries in South America, showing the strength of Cummins in various markets. We offer in the region, support, reliability and a diverse range of products such as motors, filters, turbochargers, emission solutions and generators.

Cummins believes in the power of the business in building a better world and therefore invests in social and environmental management with goals directly related to the growth and development of the company. This commitment is recorded in our vision, mission and values.

Present in Brazil since the early 70s, attracted to new business opportunities, the subsidiary was legally constituted in 1971 in the city of Guarulhos in São Paulo. We currently have 5 factories in the region, especially focused on the production of motors, filters, generators and post treatment solutions, and a large distribution center ready to serve the aftermarket. The accredited distribution network has more than 100 points of service, from the north to the south of Brazil.

The Distributor Cummins Argentina operates mainly in the automotive and agricultural markets, especially in the line of medium engines. The distributor perform not only in Argentina but also in Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay.

In Colombia, the Cummins business include four distributors that act strongly in all our markets. With wide geographical coverage, all Cummins network is prepared to offer from light engines to the high power produced to work in sectors that drive the economy, such as agriculture, automotive, construction, power generation, oil and gas and mining . Colombia also has an exclusive parts distribution center to meet local demand in Ecuador.

In Chile and Peru, the mining market is a major highlight. Cummins formed since 1990, a joint venture with Komatsu to provide suitable support to the local market and export through its official distributor. Already in Ecuador, we are prepared to offer the products to meet the oil market through our distributor that also has customers in the construction and automotive sector.

In Venezuela the markets that stand out are mainly the automotive and industrial and all customers are served by accredited network of Cummins.

Across South America our employees have the ideal framework to develop and play its best in our offices, technical centers, factories and distributors.