Learn what it's really like to work here.

Starting work within a leading global organization like Cummins can be overwhelming. What will your first days on the job be like? Who will you meet? Where will you go? How will you figure out how to make your mark on the organization?

At Cummins, we answer those questions with our Orientation Program that we call "OnBoarding" to signify a new person coming on board with us.  This program has been designed with you in mind and will give you a great head start in understanding the company's history, vision, mission, values, along with integral Corporate Policies.

During your OnBoarding week, you will:

  • Meet other new employees from your region
  • Begin to create your own personal network within the company
  • Receive your computing equipment, as well as training on our critical tools and methods
  • Learn about your Total Rewards benefit package and have an opportunity to ask questions of benefits administrators
  • Meet senior leaders and hear their thoughts about the state of our business

Your OnBoarding facilitator and support team will guide you through the week and be available to answer any additional questions you might have.

When you return to your location of work, Site OnBoarding continues with a more local focus. Your manager will use our custom OnBoarding process to guide you through your first 90 days with the company. This ensures that you and your manager have ongoing conversations and develop a plan for obtaining the training, guidance and business experiences you need to launch a successful career at Cummins Inc.

Our OnBoarding program will demonstrate that, along with helping you achieve amazing things in your career, Cummins is also an amazing place to work.