At Cummins, we’re interested in helping you clearly and concisely tell us about your skill set.  Below are recruiter responses from our team to help you avoid mistakes during the interview:


What if I don’t know the answer to a specific question?

“One mistake we often see is not thinking through the question being asked.  If you don’t know the answer, it’s fine to pause and think about what to communicate.  Don’t ramble in the interview – clear, concise answers help the recruiter see your fit inside our Company.  Rambling shows us it may be difficult for you to focus in stressful situations”

“Don’t panic if you can’t answer a question we ask you.  It changes the feel of the interview and may distract you during future questions.  Do your best to respond based on your previous experiences and make sure you have an answer for what your development plan is.  We want to understand how you will work on your weaknesses over time - if that answer is not clear, it can have a negative effect on your interview.”


Is my environment important during a phone interview?

“Going to a quiet spot instead of driving in the car or being around roommates is very important.  Make sure the time is convenient for you and don’t allow yourself to be distracted by other things – be focused on what you’re saying.  If the noise in your background is a distraction for you, chances are it is a distraction to the interviewers as well.  Finding a quiet space to have your interview shows us you’re serious about the position. ”

“Arrange for a land line if possible and reserve an interview or conference room.  We don’t recommend you doing the interview on a cell phone from your car.”


Are manners important during an interview?

“Honesty is the best policy, so it’s OK to tell us about your negatives if you have a current plan for working on them.  Be able to articulate how your career path and goals for development align.”

“Some candidates don’t realize the person they are interviewing with is a high-level employee inside the company.  They know their job and the Company.  Be polite in the way you interact with others.  Also show us that you know yourself & have the maturity to go after what you want in life.  Everyone has a skill set – it’s a mistake when you haven’t considered your background & development path.  We’re interested in more than “I like engineering” or “I like finance”.”

“Listen to the question in full.  Don’t be hesitant to ask us to repeat the question for clarification.  Explain the situation we’re discussing, your actions and the final end result.  Being able to show how you worked through scenarios in an articulate manner is important to us.”


How should I follow up with the recruiter?

“Sometimes following up with you is out of our control.  It doesn’t mean you have been closed out of consideration if you haven’t heard from us.  We’re doing our best to get you through the process as soon as possible.”

“Ask your recruiter how they would like to follow up with you.  If they prefer to follow up by email, then don’t call.  If they prefer you follow up by phone, then ask when would be a good time to speak next.  This way you both have an understanding of the timeline.  It’s best for you to give the recruiting team time to connect internally with the decision maker to get feedback on your interview.  We realize you may be excited, but sometimes we travel and have many candidates in process at the same time.”

“Many times we’re waiting on feedback from multiple people to consider your stage of the interview process.  It’s best to give us at least 48-72 hours to connect with our internal team to better understand the status of your interview.  Calling once an hour is not appropriate in any situation.”