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Supply Chain Analyst - Gregg Livermore

This article is from the “Cummins: All Access” series, a compilation of unique, reality-based stories featuring Cummins employees.  The series is designed to give a behind-the-scenes perspective of Cummins employees as they develop their careers.

Cummins Export Controls team is responsible for delivering export controls training, conducting restricted party screening, classifying Cummins products under the many Export Control Regulations, assessing defense programs, and auditing compliance requirements, for Cummins globally.  It’s an exciting challenge of monitoring regulatory controls and connecting innovative technologies to serve our customers.  Gregg Livermore is a Senior Export Controls Analyst who leads defense program evaluations, implementations and auditing for the Export Controls team.

Gregg, a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps and a member of the Indiana Army National Guard, partners with his global compliance colleagues to help connect requirements data to our functional business units.

“Each of us has a focus, but we’re also cross-trained to understand different product lines and our business in general.  I can truly be a force multiplier here – and we have developed programs that help us empower our colleagues to maximize their results as well.”

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Gregg starts his morning early in a team synchronization meeting to discuss an inquiry received during the middle of the night.  It’s a quick-turn request from one of our business units in Europe who is launching a new product and need information within 48 hours.

“We’re very proficient at understanding product classification, interpreting program requirements, and the time sensitivity associated with delivering responses for products used in defense applications.  We’ve learned how to adjust our global processes to be seamless from one request to the next.  The impact we make is critical to Cummins, our customers, and military end-users.”

The team conversation focuses on the data and timeline needed.

“This specific business unit needs oversight about requirements for multiple countries in their region.  We’re collaborating as one cohesive team to deliver for them while keeping on top of time-sensitive deadlines.  My favorite aspect of Cummins is we’re all empowered to do our jobs well here.”

As Gregg reviews his notes and completes a list of priorities, he reflects on why his time in the military helps make this role a fit for his career.

“You get to experience so much at Cummins by being immersed in the unique business units that operate around the world.  My military skills come into play as I’m considering the different regulations and governing bodies involved.  I’ll begin preparing data to share with our European team, which they will then present to their colleagues in the region.”

Later that morning, Gregg joins an export compliance teleconference with the global team.

“We’re all in different locations overseas, so we use Skype® to connect virtually.  That’s true collaboration, from a global information sharing perspective, when you can connect around the world with someone in a different culture – and communicate.”

At lunchtime, Gregg eats a light lunch and uses the treadmill in his office to help stay fit.

“I’m thankful to have access to Cummins fitness equipment.  I can step away from whatever we’re working on, take a break and relax.  There’s a sincere feeling of employee well-being here.

Gregg heads back to his desk after lunch to spend quiet time working on a policy improvement project.  He’s leading an initiative where a Cummins engineering standard is being realigned with new government regulations.

“My role keeps evolving – especially as my team gains international visibility across our business.  It means unlimited impact for me.  I can develop and learn in many different ways at Cummins, which helps me visualize our business functions and how we can best support.”

Gregg’s development also includes growing his network as Cummins adds new resources to the team.

“You’ll find us just about everywhere.  That’s the fun of the challenge – we consider each region and the unique regulatory process.  We’ve built great relationships with new members of our team, and now they’re proficient at assessing projects that involve multiple country requirements.”

Later in the afternoon, Gregg has a one-on-one review meeting with his manager.  The conversation focuses on Gregg’s development and using the online Cummins Learning Center.

“I spent time with my manager discussing my training plan inside the organization.  We had a very good conversation.  Each employee has a custom work plan for their development.  I really appreciate her coaching and perspective of how I fit in where the Company is growing.”

Finally, as Gregg is leaving for the day, he checks in with his team for any new support requests.  A colleague lets him know the data needed for the European team is ready to be sent to the project leader.

“We’re consistently solving problems and connecting with areas of our business to provide support for the team.  Each day is a new experience and this is not one of those ordinary jobs.”

Gregg appreciates the camaraderie of his colleagues and professional respect they share.

“If we have a team member who isn’t familiar with engineering language, we help each other out.  There’s a mutual trust and friendship here.  We all have similar career goals and collaborate together on how a business package might change from one region to the next.  Also, professional networking is very natural here – and you’d be surprised how quickly I’ve met employees from all over the world”.