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Supply Chain Intern - Benjamin Bailey


This article is from the “Cummins: All Access” series, a compilation of unique, reality-based stories featuring Cummins employees.  The series is designed to give a behind-the-scenes perspective of Cummins employees as they develop their careers.

As Cummins global customer base has expanded globally to serve over 190 countries, our need for high potential supply chain management employees has intensified.  We look for candidates who have cradle-to-grave expertise from sourcing raw materials to providing customer service.  Benjamin Bailey, a full-time Supply Chain intern, is quickly learning he’s never worked at a place like Cummins.

Benjamin, a Veteran of the United States Army and Supply Chain MBA student at Brigham Young University, is in his first internship at Cummins and is a member of our Global Logistics Improvement Group (GLIG) in Memphis.

“We’re looking for strategic continuous improvement at our site.  That’s interesting to me because I’m studying to become a subject matter expert in improving processes. For anyone who enjoys Supply Chain, a place like Cummins is an ideal environment where you can experience material and information flows that only a global leader can offer.”

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Benjamin starts his morning in a team meeting to improve the efficiency of line fill rates globally.  Included in the virtual meeting is the GLIG team from the United States and a dozen employees from distribution centers in Belgium, Brazil, Singapore and other countries around the world.  He’s listening intently as each site takes a turn discussing strategy metrics involving customer orders.

“I’m analyzing each conversation for the path to efficiency.  It helps me collaborate on the direction we’re going in Memphis and how to best move our team forward.  Everything is a collaborative process at Cummins where we talk through strategies in motion.”

Benjamin’s military experience as a Field Artillery officer helps him see the project’s big picture.

“There’s a self-discipline I learned in the military that gives me the confidence to make short-term decisions and analyze long-term solutions.  It helps me visualize our supply chain process and use data to create actionable change.”

After the global meeting, Benjamin connects with our Memphis team for a daily review of local metrics. The group reviews new data each morning to track safety, order speed and fulfillment accuracy.

“Today we’re discussing new personal protective equipment our employees are testing.  It’s critical to monitor how products move through the facility in good condition and we keep everyone safe during the process.  Our team is very interested in Cummins commitment to safety.”

Once the local team meeting is complete, Benjamin and a colleague “go to the gemba” to take a closer look at activity happening on the distribution center floor.  It’s a real-time analysis of process improvements discussed during the global meeting earlier in the day.  Benjamin enjoys sharing ideas with his colleague and brainstorming about new concepts.

“We’re visualizing activity up-stream and down-stream about improvements in motion.  Interacting during the live process helps me learn how our culture reacts to the flow, so we’re sharing conversations with employees fulfilling orders and they’re providing context that fuels ideas.” 

At midday, interns from the Distribution Center, the Recon Turbocharger Plant, and the Regional Service Center all meet up for lunch.  It’s a chance for Benjamin to network with intern peers and other technical experts from the Company.

“There’s a big group of interns here today, which is nice because this type of luncheon helps all of us get to know how business units function internally.  We have great people at Cummins that want us to make the right decision for our future.  They’re very smart and approachable.”

After the luncheon, Benjamin returns to the distribution center to revisit the gemba as the second shift is starting their day.  Then it’s back to his desk to continue his analysis using Cummins online Six Sigma technology.  He’s impressed with the digital resources supply chain employees can access.

“Our Six Sigma technology helps the global team find a commonly shared lens to understand and analyze our process.  The continuous improvement tools here are amazing.  It’s embedded in Cummins culture to see the problem and opportunity as two sides of the same coin.”

Benjamin uses the online technology to enhance his solutions.

“This technology helps me prioritize drivers inside our cost metrics.  It’s one step in reducing variation in our process and improving accuracy for the customer.  We’re focused on delivering to the customer on time while managing materials and making the best use of our space.”

At the end of the day, Benjamin connects with his manager for a final strategy conversation about the global virtual meeting earlier in the morning.  The two employees share ideas about a program the GLIG team has been working on and how insights from Cummins European team could amplify the impact.

“There’s a trust here at Cummins.  People work together to resolve problems and use data to support ideas for improvement.  I believe we’re making progress happen in Memphis.”

It’s a similar feeling Benjamin felt in the service.

“I came out of the military and wanted to do something meaningful, to work in a Company that upheld the core values I believe in.  I see that in Cummins.  We’re an industry leader that benefits people’s lives by developing products that are innovative and technologically advanced.  It’s a really great feeling to grow my professional career at this kind of Company.”