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Our continued commitment to an inclusive culture.

Diversity and inclusion have been a part of Cummins' core values for more than 40 years dating back to our CEO, J. Irwin Miller, who led the Company until 1977. Miller believed in the power of listening. He wanted to hear from a wide variety of voices before reaching a decision, believing no single gender, race, or ethnicity had a monopoly on wisdom. But we know that diversity for diversity sake does not drive success; it is inclusion, or how we use diversity, that is key. Inclusion means that employees accept the diversity of their peers and make them feel welcome and safe in the workplace. It is only when we are inclusive that we work most effectively- relying on the differences and strengths of all our employees. We welcome multiple viewpoints and voices, and we embrace the diverse perspectives of all people and honor both with dignity and respect. Cummins has a number of women and minorities among its senior leaders and we continually work toward a gender-balanced workforce. 

Business Case for Diversity

Diversity is a business imperative as we look to enter new markets in an increasingly diverse and global marketplace.  Our 'Business Case for Diversity' establishes four goals to leverage the greatest benefit from our diverse workforce.

1.     Create a workplace population with a representation similar to the markets in which Cummins operates.

2.     Demand that our workplace is safe and inclusive for all individuals and organizations.

3.     Develop a collective behavior that encourages all individuals and employees to use their talents.

4.     Capitalize on a diverse workforce to enhance our competitive position in the marketplace.

Diversity Training

One thing that sets Cummins apart from other companies is diversity training.  All employees are required to complete Spectrum Diversity Training, an all-day session that teaches employees not only how to interact with co-workers who have different backgrounds and ethnicities, but also the Business Case for Diversity.

The training uses role playing, group exercises, video and more to show employees that diverse organizations are better able to develop creative solutions to difficult business problems than companies where every employee is alike.

In addition to diversity training, new employees are required to take courses on the Treatment of Others, Sexual Harassment and Cummins Code of Conduct. All are critical toward Cummins' goal of creating the right work environment, where employees can focus on the task at hand without worrying where they came from or the background of their families. 

But diversity training doesn't stop with new employees. It's also part of the Cummins Leadership Development System. The training is designed to help leaders analyze and address management issues with a diversity component. They learn to make employee differences work for the company rather than divide it.  Leaders also get training in results management, coaching and driving change.

To learn more about our diverse employees, please click now to visit these web pages.


Individuals with Disabilities


Supporting Diversity at Cummins

More than 100 local diversity councils and affinity groups help create the right environment for success at Cummins by promoting and supporting diversity and inclusion.  The groups raise awareness and educate Cummins employees on the importance of diversity, advise senior leaders on diversity-related initiatives and, in some cases, initiate research projects with a diversity component.

To learn more about our Affinity Groups and Local Diversity Councils, please click now to visit our webpage.

Diversity Recognition and Awards

Cummins has won numerous awards for our diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Diversity Inc. named Cummins Inc. to its list of the Top 50 Companies for Diversity for a ninth consecutive year in April 2015. Cummins received a perfect score for a 10th consecutive year in the 2015 Corporate Equality Index awarded by the Human Rights Campaign. The group is the largest U.S. civil rights organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees.

To learn more about our Diversity Recognition and Awards, please click now to visit our web page.  

Regional Diversity Partners

In North America, we partner with the following student diversity organizations to find top talent, provide career development opportunities for our employees, and find solutions for STEM issues.  To learn more about our Regional Diversity Partners, please click now and visit these web pages.

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)

Great Minds in STEM (HENAAC)

Atlanta University Center Consortium (AUCC)