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Supporting Diversity at Cummins 

More than 100 Local Diversity Councils and Affinity Groups help create the right environment for success at Cummins by promoting diversity and inclusion and lending their unique perspectives to identify opportunities that can enhance our business success.

Our Employee Resource Groups are open to all employees and are organized around single dimensions of diversity, such as race, ethnicity, country of birth, gender, sexual orientation, as well as broader themes, such as people with disabilities, veterans, and employees with less than five years of service. The groups focus on recruiting other talented individuals into Cummins as well as retaining our current pool of talented employees. The groups also focus on providing important cultural and business environment information to ensure Cummins’ success.

Local Diversity Councils are formed to foster the right environment for all employees within a specific business, region or location. These councils work to improve and leverage diversity and inclusion as a core component of the business strategy.



Affinity Groups

Local Diversity Councils

  • African and African American Affinity Group (Southern Indiana)
  • Automotive Customer Engineering/OEM
  • Cummins Chinese Affinity Group
  • Cummins Business Services & Corporate Local Diversity Council
  • Grupo Organizado de Afinidad Latina
  • Columbus Midrange Local Diversity Council
  • Greater Middle East Affinity Group
  • Columbus Engine Plant/Heavy Duty Local Diversity Council
  • LAUNCH (Leaders Advancing, Uniting, and Networking Cummins Hires)
  • Cummins Emission Plant Local Diversity Council
  • Southern Indiana Pride
  • Cummins Industrial Center (Seymour) Local Diversity Council
  • Russian/East European
  • Cummins State Street Local Diversity Council
  • South East Asian Affinity roup
  • Cummins Tech Center Local Diversity Council
  • South Asian Affinity Group
  • New & ReCon Parts Local Diversity Council
  • Southern Indiana Women's Affinity Group
  • Service & Warranty Local Diversity Council
  • Worldwide Veterans Affinity Group
  • Electronics Product Line Engineering Local Diversity Council
  • Special Needs Affinity Group
  • Fuel Systems Plant Local Diversity Council
  • Mandala Affinity Group
  • Marketing & Sales Local Diversity Council
  • African and African American Affinity Group (Jamestown, NY)
  • Distribution Business Unit Local Diversity Council
  • African and African American Affinity Group (Cookeville & Nashville, TN)
  • Cummins Business Services (Nashville) Local Diversity Council
  • Asian Affinity Group
  • Cummins Natural Gas Engines Local Diversity Council
  • Latino Affinity Group (Cookeville & Nashville, TN)
  • Fleetguard (Cookeville, TN) Local Diversity Council
  • Multi-Ethnic Affinity Group (Fridley, Minnesota)
  • Fleetguard (Lake Mills, IA) Local Diversity Council
  • Women's Affinity Group (Fridley, Minnesota)
  • Cummins Engine Plant (Jamestown, NY) Local Diversity Council
  • Women's Affinity Group (Nashville, TN)
  • Cummins Turbo Technologies (Charleston, South Carolina) Local Diversity Council
  • Women's Affinity Group (Jamestown, NY)
  • Cummins Marine (Charlestown, South Carolina) Local Diversity Council
  • PRIDE Affinity Group (Nashville, TN)
  • Power Generation (Fridley, MN) Local Diversity Council
  • Women's Affinity Group (Memphis, TN)
  • Mineral Point, Wisconsin Local Diversity Council
  • Women's Affinity Group (Mineral Point, Wisconsin)
  • Stoughton, Wisconsin Local Diversity Council
  • Japanese Affinity Group (Southern Indiana)


  • Women's Affinity Group (Stoughton, Wisconsin)