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Finance Operations Team Leader - Mildred Maier


This article is from the “Cummins: All Access” series, a compilation of unique, reality-based stories featuring Cummins employees. The series is designed to give a behind-the-scenes perspective of Cummins employees as they develop their careers.

For our customers, an Extended Coverage Warranty (ECW) can be a safeguard against issues that may appear over time.  Without one, they could be caught off guard by the unplanned costs.  For customers who buy additional coverage, they enjoy a peace of mind that runs on long after the original warranty expires.
Mildred Maier is an important part of our customer’s peace of mind.  Mildred is the Extended Coverage Warranty (ECW) Operations Team Leader.  Her main focus is to manage the IT systems and applications used within the Extended Coverage sales process.  She also has oversight within the Distributor and OEM registration processes, management of the quotation and escalations processes for existing extended coverage programs and focuses on supporting the global business as the EBU continues to develop sales channels both in and outside of North America for extended coverage.
And now for your All Access pass:
“Our job is to make sure that our data is correct. Our system feeds different programs used throughout our business that eventually affects the customers who purchase the extended coverage.  We want to make sure they are getting the right elements of protection.”
Mildred, affectionately referred to as Millie, begins her day by working out.  She occasionally will use Cummins facilities to train or get ready for work.  She gets to her office and begins checking emails and prioritizing work based on requests and any errors that may have occurred the previous night.
“We want to support our customers.  It’s the reason why we’re here and working so hard at what we do.  Buying a new truck is a major purchase so we want the consumer to have a good experience, from the beginning to their Extended Coverage days and beyond.”
Next, Millie works on a system capability analysis for a product in an international market per a request from her leadership team.  She needs to run a report to learn more about the data and connects with the IT department.  They discuss the data and collaborate on the logistics needed to carry out the request.
“Teamwork is a big chunk of the work done throughout my day.  If we need to work on an issue, the best solution will most likely come from the groups.”   
Millie attends a networking lunch with a new employee she recently met at a Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) meeting.  She has a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Florida and originally worked in engineering before taking on a role in the Finance organization.  She enjoys connecting with new employees to the Company to make them feel welcome and help ease the transition to a new place.  She has relocated several times and is now very familiar with Columbus, IN.
“Cummins is a relationship-centered company, so I like to maintain my network and utilize lunches to building and maintaining relationships.  Sometimes I attend Lunch and Learn held by a Cummins  Affinity Group or a SHPE meeting.  I try to connect with new employees and build friendships. If I can learn about other facets of the company or give back to the community, then even better!”
In the afternoon, Mille heads back to her department to connect with her team. They have an impromptu meeting to catch up on how everyone is doing; their current projects and if there are any urgent needs to address as a team.
“It’s important for our team to meet and discuss what we are doing.  We’re a tight-knit group here, personally and professionally.  It’s often fluid and relaxed, which tends to be more engaging than a formal meeting. We encourage people to talk openly and share their concerns as well as successes.”
Before she leaves for the day, Millie has a one-on-one meeting with a new member of her team.  She discusses their new responsibilities, how to develop their skill set to be successful on the job. This is not a unique situation at Cummins, as she was also coached by others for her career development.
“I feel like Cummins really allows you to take your interests and mold your career.   There are so few companies that I would have been able to go from engineering to IT, to operations and finance.  I want to help other new members of our team to succeed like that as well.  For me, that makes the role new and fresh again.  If you work hard and learn the business here, the only real limitation on your career is your own imagination.”