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Global Recruiting Leader - Jon Orr


This article is from the “Cummins: All Access” series, a compilation of unique, reality-based stories featuring Cummins employees. The series is designed to give a behind-the-scenes perspective of Cummins employees as they develop their careers.

The global recruiting team at Cummins is always on the lookout for sourcing diverse talent around the world.  It’s a challenging task because we look for very different skill sets across Engineering, Supply Chain, Finance and many other functions.  Jon Orr, Global Recruiting Leader, is in charge of connecting top talent to our career opportunities.
Jon, a graduate of RMIT University in Australia, originally started his career as a manufacturing engineer who collaborated with production teams.  After taking a travel year (sabbatical) away from his daily role, he knew his background in engineering could be an asset to technical recruiting.
“I wanted to learn more about cultures and how to work with people better.  During the process, it became apparent I could succeed at technical recruiting.  I enjoyed developing solutions for employers and connecting good people to professional roles that would make them successful.”
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Jon is in early this morning to connect with different teams around the world.  It’s important for him to respond quickly to any concerns that happened overnight, a reminiscent feeling for him since he began his career at Cummins as Recruiting Leader for the Australian team.
“When I originally started with Cummins, I was responsible for building the recruiting function for the region.  I was able to impact many different areas of our operations, such as policy, branding, sourcing and global process. That same philosophy of being innovative while growing the organization is still here today.”
As he finishes a call with Singapore, he reflects on strategic projects he led that evolved our recruiting function into a modern talent management process, now operating fluidly around the world.
“My opportunity here is global in nature.  I moved from Australia to the United States for a short amount of time to develop my professional skills and help our team. That’s really what it means to be a part of Cummins: the global opportunities are here.  As innovative employees apply themselves, our leadership recognizes their impact.”
Jon walks across Cummins corporate campus to a confidential meeting to review financials and recruiting strategy with his local team.  It’s a robust conversation that will drive the future framework of the team and develop a deeper partnership with hiring managers inside the company.  
“Our strategy development meetings are team-driven opportunities to collaborate and present ideas.  Today we examined our global roadmap, including changes to the global structure as the Company evolves.  We’re thinking beyond our desks to see the future of our team.”
Jon knows there are dynamic elements to consider when making process improvements, including talent availability and budget allocations.  Finding sourcing channels that achieve both is the greatest challenge the team faces.
“Cummins is good at building leaders by harnessing the diverse experiences of our employees. It’s definitely not one of those ordinary jobs, so we are innovative in each opportunity that presents itself.  I’m proud that we’re arriving at strategic solutions, and I enjoy seeing progress in work we’re doing.”
After the meeting, Jon invites his team to lunch at a local restaurant just around the corner from Cummins corporate campus.  It’s a favorite of many employees where everyone can go to relax.
“We’re not talking about work today mate, but anything other.  Life experiences, families, jokes-- it’s good for us to get away because it gives you the perspective of work and life.  You’re spending time with the team in a “people way”, and not necessarily a “work way”.”
After lunch, Jon heads back to the corporate office building for a one-on-one meeting with his supervisor to review operations, strategy, and his personal development plan.  Leaders inside Cummins play a role in everyone’s development, including other members of leadership.
“She’s connected to where I’ve come from and where I’m heading.  It feels great because, whilst I own my career, it’s comforting to know I have the sponsorship to achieve my development.”
After the one-on-one, Jon likes to connect with his major stakeholders to make sure new processes are working for hiring managers.
“Cummins helps us see the value in network leadership and time we’re spending with others. Networking and collaboration are important here-- we don’t have to sit in a conference room for that to happen.  I like to catch up on personal conversations, as well as professional, while I’m at our corporate headquarters building.”
Near the end of his day, Jon walks back across Cummins campus to spend time with his team.  He believes the diversity of their team is important to success and engaging everyone’s differences can increase the impact being made.  Today, they are discussing how to attend more career fairs.
“Diversity works in any company, but it’s given a real opportunity to thrive here at Cummins.  I enjoy seeing people develop and it allows us to welcome inputs from everyone.  We provide feedback to both college hires and highly experienced employees, and I’m a firm believer in open conversations.”
Jon leaves from work to pick up his daughter at Cummins Child Development Center and the whole family is off to a local park.  Cummins supports his personal priorities and encourages work-life balance for every professional.
“My family is my most important priority, as it should be.  You’re only going to be effective if you’re balancing your life and have a good perspective of what’s important. We make good decisions here and, for our leaders, that means role modeling work-life balance behaviors for your team to see.”