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Marketing Communications Specialist - Jasmine O'Conner


This article is from the “Cummins: All Access” series, a compilation of unique, reality-based stories featuring Cummins employees.  The series is designed to give a behind-the-scenes perspective of Cummins employees as they develop their careers.

Cummins talent management incorporates different career fairs and campus events across the world in our recruiting efforts.  Jasmine O’Conner emerged as an ideal intern candidate while delivering a presentation at an event for her alma mater that a Cummins executive was attending.  A Hanover College graduate with a degree in Communications, she currently manages 10 electronic newsletters and the Million Mile Club (recognizes customers who have driven over a million miles with their Cummins diesel engine).
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“I often get calls about the club from people across the country. They want to tell me about their Cummins engine and how many different trips they’ve taken.  We understand the quality of our engines, but it always makes you feel proud when you hear it from the customer.”
Today, Jasmine starts her morning by checking the newsletter inboxes and managing deadlines within the newsletter process. That might include editing the copy, uploading the text online for team review or confirming content with different company employees.
“We need to deliver the best information to our customers in a timely fashion. That’s exciting because it’s fun to meet with experts and learn more about our engines. It’s also a good networking opportunity for a young professional like me.”
Next, Jasmine has an internal meeting regarding the monthly newsletter. It’s a face-to-face with the account team to collaborate on stories that target external customers and external messaging changes. Jasmine collaborates with the contact to publish the news correctly.
Then she heads back to her desk to catch up on new inquiries into the Million Mile Club. She’s received a new message from an excited Club member from New York who would like to join and has been driving his truck with his father for many years.
“There is genuine excitement from customers about our Company.  They have passion and love for Cummins. We want them to feel good about believing in us and connecting with them helps our team create brand advocates in the market.”
She responds to the message and begins preparing the gift package, which includes a Cummins hat, congratulations letter and certificate of membership that is signed by the President of the Engine Business, truck cab plates, a specialty watch and limited-edition leather jacket.
For lunch, Jasmine walks home, just down the street from Cummins’ office. She’s getting in her steps for the Cummins wellness program to earn $100 in bonus cash. She enjoys not having to commute to work and being able to relax in her own space.
After lunch, Jasmine has a one-on-one meeting with her manager to work on a process flow chart for available digital marketing communications methods.  She presents her work for review and gets her manager’s guidance and coaching.
“My manager helps me realize that I’m getting it. There’s a lot to learn here. This company has been here for 95 years, and I’m in a room with people who have been here 15 to 20 years.  I’m trying to learn and make those people my mentors.”
Jasmine connects with a cohort from her OnBoarding class and has an impromptu conversation regarding her community service team. She’s assisting with the Women’s Affinity Group and is the co-leader for mentoring circles. The group is launching “Mentoring Circles” an opportunity for exempt women at Cummins to participate in a forum for open discussion, explore new perspectives, and learn from peers and leaders.
Before Jasmine wraps up her day, she’s thinking about tomorrow’s to-do list, which includes her Six Sigma project meeting. Her project is focused on developing an OnBoarding process for internal transfers into the North American Engine Business (NAEB) and Market Communications organization. The project will reduce training time and improve productivity, employee retention, and consistency for more effective customer relationships.
“This Six Sigma project helps - identify the fundamental items someone needs to know to be successful in their new role. I want to be part of the change, and it can’t happen if I don’t commit to it.  I’m getting the chance to lead the project to make that happen.”
After work Jasmine heads to a local park to play basketball with friends. There, she meets a few friends from work and new friends from the community.  This has been helpful in her transition from college and being away from her Milwaukee home.
“I enjoy it because there’s something for everyone here, young and old.”