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Strategy MBA - Arturo Mijangos


This article is from the “Cummins: All Access” series, a compilation of unique, reality-based stories featuring Cummins employees. The series is designed to give a behind-the-scenes perspective of Cummins employees as they develop their careers.

Leadership development employees at Cummins are challenged to possibilities that fuel the next generation of revenue growth.  It’s a forward-looking career where each employee has the opportunity to put their handprint on the future of Cummins.  The future of Cummins technology and innovation group strategy is entrusted in part to one of our high potential Strategy MBA’s.
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Brigham Young University MBA, Arturo Mijangos is currently making his impact by participating in Cummins technology and innovation group.  He is responsible for providing the technology and collaboration tools so Cummins employees can be globally collaborative around the world in their daily jobs and responsibilities.  He realizes to stay competitive, Cummins must be a leader in productivity tools to help employees develop products that are faster, better and first.  It’s a satisfying career for Arturo, who embraces the challenge of his projects and the global impact each will have on employee success.
“Our task is to figure out how our leaders can be more innovative.  That means I’m responsible for providing the right tools to help them be more effective in their jobs.  It’s a daily challenge to be the best in my field and I really enjoy it.”
Arturo begins his day in a proposal meeting with Technology Strategy leadership to review data for a revolutionary new collaboration tool.  The team is in the ideation process and is working to beta test new crowdsourcing capabilities.  
“When I’m preparing for our team meetings, I’m always excited about interacting with the diverse minds of the group.  I have people from the United States, Guatemala, China, and Pakistan in my group.  It’s amazing how our cultural backgrounds work together to meld ideas into collaborative and meaningful concepts.”
Cummins has always valued the diversity and Arturo actively promotes crowdsourcing unique ideas from his own team.  Different perspectives help shape the project, influencing the technology design and quickly it facilitating idea sharing.
Arturo meets up with an intern at Cummins after the meeting who scheduled a career development conversation to talk about setting goals.  It was only a few years ago that Arturo was an intern for Cummins, so he enjoys the opportunity to begin a mentoring relationship with a new employee.
“Today I helped an intern set some professional goals in the short term. That’s what my Cummins mentor originally did for me and my future development.  I think it will help him examine professional experiences that may be meaningful and skills he should spend time investing in.  Many people also ask me about my MBA and if it is a good idea to go back to school.”  
After enjoying a relaxed networking lunch with other BYU alumni who are Cummins employees, Arturo reconnects with his manager to prepare for a large presentation they are giving this afternoon.  Together they will present a live demo of the new technology tool to the Electronics functional excellence leadership team.  They quickly collect their thoughts and proceed to the meeting with over 50 employees in attendance.
During the technology demo, he engages and challenges the leaders to generate new ideas for the tool.  The open forum is able to generate hundreds of positive ideas to help improve the tool for a global audience.  Arturo will analyze the new ideas and strategize with his team how to implement the best alternatives into the product development roadmap.
“Our engineering leaders represent such a diverse group and they’re a partner in how we’re visualizing increasing employee success.  They see our goals for the future and the goal we’re trying to achieve.  They are very happy we are providing a solution that can increase their communication around the world, even at a time when we are already doing well communicating with the team.  The feedback we received is they are very excited about a productivity tool like this.”  
Arturo doesn’t just want Cummins to make the best product; he wants the Company to be the gold standard industry customers expect.  Finally, after a busy day, Arturo heads off to his most important appointment on his calendar: spending quality time with his young daughter.
“As I reflect on my day, my family is also important and I balance how much time I spend time at work.  I’ve been busy this week and have another call this evening after she goes to bed, so I’ll leave a little early to spend time with her now.  I think of Cummins value of Working Right and doing the right thing.  My team leader realizes there is a value I need to bring to my family as much as the value I bring to my career.  It’s a great feeling that Cummins wouldn’t take advantage of that so I feel responsible to do the best I can for the company.”